Belgium From A Systemic View

Due to the ongoing Belgian political crisis, Ria Baeck asked Johannes Schmidt if there was a possibility to look at where or what the systemic roots are for this recurring problem, by using a systemic constellation.

Johannes agreed to do it as part of the Collective Wisdom Training, and to open it to other interested people. To be more informed Prof. dr Louis Vos will give a one hour introduction in how Belgium came into being.

This happened on Friday January 18th, 2008 at Heerlijkyt van Elsmeren, Geetbets (Diest). You are welcome from 9.00u on, and we will start exactly at 9.30u with the lecture and one (or more) constellations regarding Belgium. It is likely that we proceed in the afternoon with similar issues, but not later than 17.30u.

from 9.30 till 13.00u: €25,-
from 9.30 till +/- 17.00: €50,- (including lunch)
VAT of 21% to be added.

To register and for further information:
email Ria Baeck or call her: 00 32 (0)473/50.21.76

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