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Meaningful Conversations

The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations says exactly what it is. It is about the art, and not only about the methodologies we can use to make meaningful conversations happen. It is about the inner presence throughout the whole process from the first contact with the client, till finally the harvest of the conversation is done and a new round of conversations can begin. If you are interested to found out more, visit the Art of Hosting website !
October '06 I initiated the first
Art Of Hosting training in Belgium. I was proud and happy with what emerged out of this. You can read online some reports and also some conversations.
Out of this training a new initiative emerged: an Art of Hosting on Art of Hosting, June '07 in Belgium. An international gathering with practitionars who were curious about what the next level of hosting can become. March'08 was another basic training with many international participants.
Early '09 we held the first ever Dutch spoken training! April '10 will - most likely - follow the next event!

Art of Hosting Vlaanderen

King's Mill, Landen, Belgium

Basic Training: 18-20 Febr. ‘09
Art of Hosting - at work: 21 Febr. '09

Please go to the Dutch website part to read more!

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