Art Of Hosting Training In Belgium

The Art of Hosting, Belgium

Oct. 11-13 + 14, 2006

I was proud and happy to present the brochure of The Art of Hosting, in the fall of '06. And I was proud and happy with what emerged in the training. You can read online some reports and also some conversations. In June '07 is planned the international Art of Hosting on art of Hosting. We foresee that a new Art of Hosting may be planned early '08. Let us know if you are interested!

Below you find the original invitation of the Art of Hosting training:

The core skill that is trained in The Art of Hosting is convening and hosting meaningful conversations. It seems clear to more and more people that this will be a core competence for the future, where people wil 'own' the future of their own life in all aspects.

From the brochure:
"We invite leaders, trainers, teachers, consultants, politicians, entrepreneurs, social innovators, hosts: people who want to experience a different perspective of leadership, which sets free other people's creativity and intelligence in order to achieve better cooperation and results together through co-creative processes.

This training is built on the assumption - and experience – that seeking change for the common good calls for involvement, collective intelligence and co-creation to discover solutions and wise actions.

Human beings that are involved and invited to work together will take ownership and responsibility when the ideas and solutions must be put into action. Initiating and hosting conversations that matter is a core leadership competence that leads to significant change at both individual and collective levels."

Following the basic training of three days, we designed a fourth day.
The brochure says:
"The Art of Hosting is much more than facilitation and hosting. It is also a community of practitioners willing to create and host with others, blending methods and practices with others, seeking partnership.

Art of Hosting will be part of and support a shift towards a more sustainable future for organisations and communities, large and small. Building and co-creating a genuine, robust learning community is the purpose of this extra Art of Hosting ‘at work’ day.

We intend this day to be the beginning of an unfolding process in Vlaanderen, Belgium (and Europe) towards a web-enabled network of AoH practitioners; working together for a sustainable, participatory future; guided by wisdom, respect and care.
Throughout this day and in the network, participants will work on their own projects; in the context of Art of Hosting conversations that matter, co-hosted by experienced Art of Hosting practitioners and in support of each other."

Download the full version
Take a look at the brand new website: Art of Hosting, lots of background information and dates of this training all over the world!

During this training my relation with the 'Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren' - the hosting place for this program - has intensified and deepened. Purpose is to become a Learning Center for Leadership, where business, social action and spirituality can come together in synergy.

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