Applied Collective Wisdom

Applied Collective Wisdom


The first block of the first learning course 'Paving the Way into Collective Wisdom' was received with much enthusiasm and deep learning by all participants. That's why we immediately planned the next version, starting September '08.


International Learning Course


Paving the Way into Collective Wisdom


Systemic Constellations as gateway

into collective connectedness.


In the fast changing world of current (dis-)information age personal and global orientation is more important than ever before. Rationalism can not solve the challenges we face and conventional problem-solving approaches fall short of what is needed. The required change in orientation, perception and volition is essential for our communal survival. Increased personal skills in holistic integration of feeling, sensing, and thinking inaugurate a new culture – a culture of deep connecting with ourselves, our transpersonal nature and global environment.


In Systemic Constellations Work we set up people as all-body-receptors to tune into a co-created field of inquiry. You bring your questions to the field and pick up information via embodied perception, observation of systemic interconnectedness and reciprocal dialogue. With this connection to a wisdom and knowledge that is all around us we can transcend the rationality and linearity of our cognitive safety cage. With more people tuning into that field more comprehensive wisdom can be retrieved and change the people who expose themselves to that communal experience. Sharing this collective inquiry makes us aware and help transcend the boundaries of our awareness. It opens the gateway to unprecedented resolutions and relationships.


When applied in a resonant and listening way constellation work can take you into a deepened relationship with yourself, encourage your surrender into an encompassing transpersonal reality and invites the communal co-creation of collective wisdom. The future issues we face and the traumata we need to overcome require the communal creation of a holding and resonant space.


This 4 x 4 day international residential training course provides a sound introduction into systemic constellation and self-relational work. By exploring themselves the participants are empowered to access the field of collective and transpersonal wisdom and reach into a more connected relationship with their inner and outer environment. A new culture of relating to each other emerges and ‘trans’-personal learning, healing, and transformation ensue.


Course facilitation:


Johannes B. Schmidt has been working with constellations for more than 13 years. He is the founder of the Aptitude-Academy, a cooperative network for human and collective development in Europe, and a sought-after workshop presenter. His charisma, dedication and humour make him a worthwhile person to learn with. His sharp perception, compassionate honesty, and unconventional simplicity have been a relieving help for many people. Learn more about Johannes’ background by visiting



This 4 x 4 day residential course will be held by Johannes B. Schmidt at Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren, 40 kilometres from Brussels. Up to 30 participants learn the essentials of systemic work and resonance while participating and witnessing the application of the collective field for personal, organizational, and collective problem-resolution.



25.09 – 28.09.2008
13.11 – 16.11.2008
12.02 – 15.02.2009
14.05 – 17.05.2009
Working hours from 9.30 am – 01.00 pm and 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm
The communal evening program is created by the participants and gives opportunity to share your wisdom, experience and work. It is self-organized and self-emergent.



Accommodation costs have to be settled directly at Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren.
The charge for a single room is € 529,41 and for a double room € 437,51 per 4-day block. Prices may change, max 3%. Please contact the office for further information and booking.



The course fee € 3.500,00 plus 21% VAT, which is in total € 4.236,00, has to be transferred after receipt of your booking confirmation to the organizer’s bank account.


Application and Organisation:

Please send a brief but substantial Curriculum Vitae to me, and write one paragraph about your motivation to learn about collective wisdom and constellation work.
Please get in touch with me about any questions that you have regarding this unique training!
Phone +32 (0)13 31.59.76
Cell phone +32 (0)473 50.21.76
via email



Please transfer the whole amount of € 4.236,00 to the following bank account upon confirmation of your participation.
Account name: VITIS, Fortis Bank, Bekkevoort, Belgium
Account No. 001 – 38 34 298 – 61
IBAN BE 62 0013 8342 9661
Or write out a cheque to Ria Baeck, Struikstraat 61c; 3460 Bekkevoort; Belgium



Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren, Belgium is a 40min drive from Brussels. For details see also


From Brussel National Airport take the train to Leuven, where you change for Diest. From Diest (see below)
From Airport Brussel Charleroi you can take a shuttle to Brussels, where you change for Diest. From Diest (see below)


By train
From Antwerp Central it is 50 minutes to Diest
From Brussels Central it is 65 minutes to Diest directly or via Leuven


From Diest take bus 299 to Halen, call at Halen Kerk (Halen church). Call the venue to pick you up: 00 32 (0)11-69 68 75. Or call a taxi in Diest: 00 32 (0)479-31 47 35.


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